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EWB-UMBC’s clean water project in Isongo, Kenya

Water is Life -- UMBC students work for clean water in Kenya

Imagine your typical morning: you get up, brush your teeth, enjoy a hot shower, toss some toast in the toaster, grab a mug of hot coffee and dash out the door to work, all within an hour or so. Now imagine a different kind of morning: you wake up, but before you can begin to get ready for the day, you have to walk up to a half mile to collect 5 gallons of water—a trip you’ll make 4 more times today. When you do have the water, you won’t enjoy a piping hot shower, because you don’t have a shower, or even a Western-style toilet or sink, in your bathroom. And whipping up a quick breakfast isn’t an option, because you have to gather wood and build a fire before you can cook and eat your meal.

Just thinking about it is exhausting, right? Well, for the people of Isongo, Kenya, it’s not just a thought, it’s a reality—a reality that the student-led UMBC Engineers Without Borders team is working to improve by installing a clean water system and providing sanitation and hygiene information to the residents.  

In January 2013, the EWB-UMBC team traveled to Isongo for an assessment trip, during which they successfully established relationships with the residents, mapped the community, analyzed the water quality, and surveyed residents on water, sanitation, and hygiene.  Now the group is planning an implementation trip for January 2014 to install a clean water system that will benefit 500 people from Isongo.

But they can’t make the trip without your help.   

How can you help?

Your donation makes two things possible:  (1) Development of a clean water supply for the community of Isongo, Kenya and (2) transformative experiences for UMBC students interested in international, humanitarian work. You can also help the EWB-UMBC project by spreading the word to your friends, family, and co-workers. Money raised will help pay for materials and tools needed to drill wells in Isongo, as well as travel and lodging costs for student volunteers.

With your help, we are hoping to raise $20,050 to send a team of 6 students to Kenya to complete this important project. 

Thank you for considering a donation to this project!

We would like to leave you with some words from our project host:

"[The EWB-UMBC team] is indeed going to leave a positive impact on the ground. Nobody will erase their footprints that they have printed on the ground of Isongo." ~Father Chrisantus Shikokoti

We hope that your footprints can join with ours in bettering the lives of people in Isongo.

Together we can make it happen. Here’s How!

  • Toolkit for water committee $50
  • GPS unit $300
  • (10) Chemical test kits ($40 per test) $400
  • (10) Biological test kits ($50 per test) $500
  • Hydro-geological survey $500
  • Handpump for well $1,000
  • Construction materials to develop borehole $1,500
  • (6) Lodging/food ($400 per student) $2,400
  • Drill borehole $5,000
  • (6) Travel ($1,400 per student) $8,400
  • With your help we raise $20,050

Recent Donors

  • Stephen K.
    Stephen K. $100
    God bless you for all the work you put into such an important project. We're very proud of you.
  • Stephen K.
    Stephen K. $100
    Here in the United States - who even thinks about people not having water? Good luck with your project. We're very proud of you.
  • Stephen K.
  • Susan F.
    Susan F. $100
    Thanks to UMBC Engineers Without Borders for undertaking this important life-changing project!
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    Timley W. $50
    Kudos & Godspeed!
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    Sandra D. $25
  • Steps A.
    Steps A. $25
    Wish you all the best. Keep it up!
  • Brian S.
    Brian S. $1,000
    To encourage others to help those less fortunate. :-). Just giving back what God has given to me.
  • Roberta D.
    Good luck!
  • Sravant L.
    Keep up the good work!
  • Avelino M.
  • Meredith P.
    Such an important project. So proud of UMBC students for changing the world!
  • Stephanie D.
    I'm glad to see UMBC making a global impact. Great job!
  • Gary B.
    Gary B. $25
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    Tom H. $10
  • Dayna Carpenter
    I can't wait to hear about the great work that you do in January 2014!